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Our great sauna variety at the Edersee is unique, but see for yourself:

Latvian reclining beam sauna
Our Latvian outdoor sauna is the first only handmade sauna of this design in Germany. The wood comes from 80 to 120 year old Nordic pines from Latvia. It has excellent strength and elasticity. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for sauna construction.
Climatically, the Latvian sauna is similar to the Finnish sauna with 85 to 90 °C temperature and about 20% humidity. Aroma infusions are also offered here. More information about the building under Galerie Freimann.

Salt crystal sauna
Thousands of red and blue salt stones were used in the outdoor sauna in the pool garden. It is a mild tempered oasis and combines with the classic benefits of sauna culture, especially healing aspects. The health aspects of salt have been known since ancient times.
Especially the inhibitory effect on bacteria and viruses and thus strengthen the immune system.

Acacia sauna
The temperature in the room, which is made of wood, is between 70 and 90 °C. Humidity is low, controlled by infusions, and ranges from 5 to 30%, which many people find pleasant.
This sauna can have a very positive effect on circulatory problems.

Climate sauna
This sweat bath, also called bio-sauna or sanarium, is made of wood like the Finnish sauna and welcomes its visitors with moderate 25 to 55 °C heat and about 50 % humidity.
A walk in the sanarium can last up to 30 minutes, improves mobility of muscles and joints and sometimes relieves rheumatic complaints. Another plus: the heart and circulation are less stressed in the temperate climate.

Steam bath
The bathrooms, which are mostly tiled or designed with plastic and metal, have a maximum temperature of 45 °C and humidity of up to 100 %. Due to the latter, the comparatively low temperature on the skin feels similarly hot as in the dry, Finnish sauna.
However, the amount of sweat secreted is only a quarter compared to the Scandinavian variant and is removed from the seating or lying surface by means of a water hose. The use of a towel as a base can therefore be dispensed with.

Radiant heat from the floor, walls and benches heats the mostly tiled sweat bath
to 55 to 65 °C at 30 % humidity.
Essential oils support the effect of the heat and after 15 to 20 minutes visitors begin to purify intensively and in a very circulation-friendly way. Experienced visitors linger up to an hour in the Laconium, where, by the way, textile clothing is provided. Then take a hot or cold shower according to your personal well-being.