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Hotel with outdoor pool in Sauerland
Wellness and recreation - outdoor pool at Naturhotel Freund


The romantic-moving story of the host family Freund … between nature, history and pioneering spirit.
1000 years of Oberorke were celebrated in 2016 – more than 130 years of which the Freund family and their ancestors have already dedicated to your passion for hospitality.
To date, Oberorke has only 88 inhabitants and is picturesquely located in the green heart of Germany, on the southern edge of the Sauerland, surrounded by green hills and forests, not far from Lake Eder and the Kellerwald National Park (World Heritage Site). It is named after the Orke, a small river that meanders along the village. Over its thousand-year history, the climatic health resort of Oberorke has been able to retain its original identity as an idyllic village to this day.
The history of the village includes the house on Sauerlandstraße. Behind it is the lovingly furnished FREUND – the hotel and SPA resort – until today the first and only hotel in Oberorke. It all began in 1880 with the farmer Daniel Pfingst and his first tentative steps as a restaurateur. In his courtyard, he entertains the first guests at only three tables in a tiny guest room, runs a grocery store and sells his own well water. He not only serves it to his guests, but also delivers it in the village – with the village’s first automobile. In memory of this, the good Orketal water is still served free of charge to arriving house guests.
In 1896 the farm became the property of Karl Freund’s grandparents. A large fire unfortunately destroyed extensive parts of the building, but the family did not let it get them down. People stuck together, young and old rolled up their sleeves and from the ruins of the fire grew something new: the farm and the farm buildings were rebuilt. The inn “zur Orke” became a small guesthouse and the first overnight guests could be welcomed in Oberorke.

The way from the inn to the hotel
The road from this small inn to today’s 4*s hotel and nature resort was not always easy, but a lifelong dream you do not just give up. Karl Freund had a vision that seemed crazy (for an unknown 88-inhabitant place) and never gave it up: It was to be a sports and wellness hotel in Oberorke! With heart and hand he approached his dream with his family.
So in the 50s of the last century he took over the pension from his grandparents and later married his sweetheart Martha. The two quickly get the three daughters Monika, Rosalinde and Martina and begin together with desire, commitment, perseverance and love for the Sauerland homeland to shape the identity of the house as a place of holistic recreation and FRIENDly hospitality.
In 1950, the boarding house was first named FREUND. This year there were only two rooms, and a whole three families graced the FREUND guesthouse. The name friend was lived henceforth in true GastFREUNDschaft. Since that time, the Hotel Freund has been renovated as steadily as cautiously and several parts of the building have been added. Over the years, land was purchased and a farm continued to operate “on the side” to finance the work.
Karl Freund’s close ties to the region are evident here, as the Freunds have always attached great importance to working with craftsmen and suppliers from the surrounding area so that the entire region could benefit. Karl Freund was involved in the board of the Ederbergland area committee for over 40 years and later became a member of the board of the Waldeck-Ederbergland Tourist Board. Always looking to the future with exciting ideas and with the knowledge that his beautiful and beloved home and Lake Edersee have great appeal to many vacationers seeking recreation. Soon a stud farm with Finnish horses was added, so that riding vacations could also be offered. The equestrian farm Haus Freund was born and romantic excursions in the meadows and forests of the Orkeland delighted young and old friends of the house.

Wellness in Oberorke? Of course.
Then, when hardly anyone knew the word wellness, the Freund family had already in the 70s the vision of a hotel where the vacation guest can relax alone, as a couple or with the family, taking time for culinary enjoyment, experiencing nature, holistic relaxation and joint activities.
In the 80s, the Freund Reiterhof became the Sport and Wellness Hotel Freund. From now on, the offer was aimed at the demanding, nature- and recreation-seeking guest, who during his stay could draw from an extensive pool of various sports (horseback riding, hiking, cycling, fitness, swimming, … ) and wellness options (sauna, massages, relax… ) and then enjoy a delicious dinner by candlelight.
In the 1980s, Karl Freund recognized that not only couples and families, but also business travelers and conference attendees have a need for nature, activities, tranquility and a sensory environment that promotes concentration. Recognized and done: an event oasis was built, the center of which became the “Tafelrundentisch”. During work, the view of the greenery relaxes the eyes and the soul, before and after work, the mind can switch off, refresh and learn and tackle tasks full of energy and positive mood.

The next generation
In 2004, daughter Rosalinde Freund took over the reins of the house and continued to focus on personal, family-run hospitality far from the big-city excitement into a warm, modern ambience, characterized by the scents and sounds of the surrounding nature and plenty of space and time for personal well-being and enjoyment. Soon there will be another wedding in the Freund household: Rosalinde Freund and Hubertus Trageser cycle to the registry office to tie the knot. Together with her family, you have been taking care of the house and the people ever since.
In the process, the hotel’s interior design and furnishings continue to be renovated year after year with great sensitivity and individualized with many historical as well as modern details. Unique feel-good spaces are created. Rosalinde Freund and Hubertus Trageser lead the house to a multiple award-winning 4*superior hotel, unique in the region.
Today the hotel is equipped with 91 stylish and individually designed rooms, suites and apartments, six saunas and steam baths, a heated indoor and outdoor pool, rooms for massages, cosmetic treatments, Ayurveda, meridian diagnostics and physiotherapy, fitness rooms, a stud farm with Finnish horses, and several tasteful restaurant and bar areas.
Embedded in the romantic Orketal landscape and with respect for the existing building structures, Karl Freund’s lifelong dream came true: the 130-year-old inn has now become FREUND-The Hotel and Nature Resort. A magical wellness hotel, an oasis for very different people: Couples in love, happy parents and children, business travelers seeking tranquility, serene conference participants, relaxed grandparents. They are all…. Finally here!

From 2021: Hotel Freund belongs to the private hotels Dr. Lohbeck
On April 1, 2021, a new capital was opened in the success story of Hotel Freund: The tradition-rich house became a part of the renowned private hotels Dr. Lohbeck. The private hotel group included the four-star superior hotel as the 25th property in its exclusive group of first-class hotels in Germany, Austria and the USA.


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